trim & time

We always send out our candles trimmed to the healthiest height. To keep the candle healthy please keep trimmed to 1/4 inch  every time before you light the candle again. this will allow a long healthy burn, and avoid soot and a large flame. We recommend using the SEASON wick trimmer. We encourage you to keep the candle lit between 3-4 hours every time for an even full burn and melt pool. 

touch & safety

For your safety please avoid moving the vessel until the candle has completely cooled. ALWAYS keep your candle away from pets or flammable objects. Never leave candle unattended.  


The best way to extinguish your candle would be with a snuffer or the lid we provided. This way the soot and wick stays clear of the wax and the candle can stay bright. It also can be dangerous if a piece of wick fly's out of candle if you blow it out. Once the candle has reached 1/2 inch of wax left the candle is done and ready to be repurposed!

re purpose



We encourage you to re purpose or recycle jar. To reuse you can pop vessel into microwave for 30 seconds to melt rest of wax and dump into trash. Never dump warm wax down your sink! You can then put some vinegar or acetone in the vessel and gently  use some pliers to pull wick out.  From there you can scrape out red adhesive and wash with warm soapy water. Great uses would be for pens, makeup, succulent, and whatever else you can think of!