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Janet DAlba

Absolutely Love Your Autumn Candle!

150 Product ratings


Only one word to describe these candles.. AMAZING! Not only do they last a long time, but they burn so evenly. The scent lingers on even after you have extinguished the wick. I just made my 3rd purchase, and am now giving them away to friends and family because I think they're that great.

150 Product ratings

Josh H

my new favorite

150 Product ratings

Faye Culzac

It gives you that feeling of getting that cup of joe, go get yours and enjoy that feeling of drinking your coffee.

150 Product ratings

Michelle Brown

I love this candle reminds me of coffee first thing in the morning, I was waiting for this candle to launch and so happy it did!

150 Product ratings

Our Spring Linen candle is a luxurious sun-bleached linen wrapped in lemon and white tea infusions. Aromas of linen and lily of the valley enhance the clean sweetness, while sandalwood and vanilla balance the airy, ozonic quality of this fragrance. Please enjoy this fragrance all year round for the perfect light, clean smell.


"Everytime I open the lid I close my eyes and ahhh, so good and cleam. Smells like lemon tea wrapped in clean linen. A twist on the classic linen scent!"


Top: Ozone, Lemon, White Tea
Heart: Linen, Lily of the Valley
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ozone


Net Weight 10 0z // 283 Grams // Burn Time 40-50 hours

For optimal results trim wick before lighting to 1/4 inch 

Available for wholesale custom large orders.

spring linen

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